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Our partner businesses provide specialist project delivery solutions across highly regulated and rapidly expanding industries. From operational readiness, intelligent platforms to control systems support and high-calibre personnel, each business within the group leverages digital platforms for faster and more effective delivery.



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Mission Recruitment

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  • Commissioning and completions
  • Assurance & operational readiness
  • i-CON
  • Recruitment specialists
  • Talent acquisition
  • Affiliate consultants
  • Life-cycle project support
  • Project management
  • Knowledge management
  • Industrial control
  • Process automation
  • Software integration
  • Digital consultancy
  • Product development
  • Supply-chain engagement

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Further details of our full range of services can be found via our individual company websites. Please follow links above.


Our approach

We deploy the best people with the best tools to ensure we continue to be at the forefront of industrial digitalisation and innovation. At the heart of our group are our core values which provide us with our ethical and behavioural compass.


We foster a culture of innovation, collaboration and performance excellence.


Bold, dynamic and progressive
We are a dynamic and progressive group of businesses; deploying the best people, with the best tools at the forefront of industrial digitalisation and innovation.


Leaner, better, faster, stronger
We achieve performance excellence through seamless, integrated project execution that is streamlined by lean processes and digital platforms.


Expertise, innovation and digitalisation
We provide digital solutions, specialising in engineering and construction digital product development, cross-sector facilitation and consultancy, and the engagement and co-ordination of a digital supply chain.

MissionCX Group is a family of businesses that combine unparalleled knowledge, experience and proven delivery processes in conjunction with innovative technology, to successfully deliver or govern projects effectively, efficiently and compliantly across all sectors.

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